Training Requirements & Prerequisites

General Requirements

  • Basic computer literacy and skills
  •  A computer with high-speed internet access, speakers and microphone (NOTE: An inexpensive headset typically works best for the voice meetings. While a microphone is necessary to utilize the voice function of the meeting room, a microphone is not a “must” as the meeting room has text capabilities as well).
  • A valid email address you check frequently.

Computer and Internet Security

The ease and convenience of accessing educational materials through the Internet brings with it the need to ensure that our computers do not become targets of unwanted and often malicious attacks and intrusions by computer viruses and/or hackers. To prevent this, we recommend using an anti-virus package and a firewall. Your computer is subject to virus attacks whether you’re surfing the Internet or getting information from USB drives, DVDs or a network.

Computer Requirements

For PC computers
    • Windows 7 or above is recommended (Windows XP is also supported)
For Macintosh computers
    • OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or above
Minimum hardware specifications for all computers
    • Intel Core 2 Duo – or AMD – 3 GHz processor
    • 3 GB of RAM (4 GB Recommended) and 1 GB of free disk space
    • Broadband internet connection (DSL or cable recommended)
    • Graphics card and monitor capable of 1024 x 768 display
    • Sound card with speakers and/or headset, microphone
    • Printer (Not required, but you may wish to print some of the course documents.)

Browser Requirements


Minimum version

Recommended version


Google Chrome



Mozilla Firefox



The recommended browser for Moodle

Apple Safari



Not recommended.

Microsoft Internet Explorer



Not recommended.

Internet Browser Settings

(Refer to your browser’s Help features to check these settings)

  • Pop-Up Blocker should be disabled
  • Java Script should be enabled
  • Java should be enabled
  • Cookies should be enabled

Software Recommendations

Other Requirements

  • An active email account that you check regularly.

Required Skills

  • Comfortable using a computer and the software and hardware noted above.
  • Able to send and receive email.
  • Able to read, understand and follow written directions.
  • Able to schedule your time to complete the training in the allotted time.

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