Course Overview

Welcome to our "Get SMART FAST" Training Program… we're glad to have you joining us! Thank you for taking this step to become a SMART Recovery Facilitator or Volunteer!

Our “Get SMART FAST” Facilitator training course has been created to provide you with the necessary knowledge of SMART Recovery and our 4-Point Program®, allowing for you to proceed capably, comfortably (and authoritatively) in your upcoming role as a SMART Recovery Facilitator or Volunteer.

Once you’ve received your training account and access information and you’ve logged into the training site and course, you’ll find the various segments of the training course. All of the training materials and content is provided online, within the course. In the most basic of terms, you'll be “clicking” your way through the course, progressing from one segment to the next. There are different ways in which to navigate within the course, either by using the "Navigation" block, by clicking or “jumping” to the segment(s) within the course, or through the “breadcrumbs” at the top of the webpage. The course is set up to track of your progress; after you’ve clicked on an activity or link and reviewed the content, a completion “check-mark” will appear next to it. 

The training course has been designed with each segment providing the basis and foundation for the next, so please review the training materials in the order they are given. Each segment contains various materials for your study and review. Once you’ve reviewed all the materials, you’ll complete the segment activities which will allow you to apply what you've learned and help solidify what has been presented in the segment materials. You'll then move onto the segment quiz. Once you’ve submitted your answers, the quiz is immediately scored and the next segment becomes available for your review... and you’ll repeat this same process for each remaining segment.


At the top of the training course main page are the various general discussion forums, one being the “News & Announcements” forum. Any updates or other information relating to the training session will be posted there. The “Got Questions??? Comments???” forum is where you can post any general questions or comments you may have. The "Let's Talk About It!" forum is a place you can post about any specific topics you'd like to discuss or get feedback from others. The “Other Stuff” forums contain additional information which may be helpful to you. We hope you will utilize these various forums for additional interactions with your fellow classmates. In the past, we’ve found these additional discussions and interactions have added significantly to the overall learning experience of the training.

Like the SMART Recovery program itself, there’s a strong element of "self-management" in our training program. All coursework needs to be completed within the training enrollment period—there are no extensions available. Please keep this in mind and schedule your training time accordingly.

There's also optional “live” training meetings available to attend each month. Please see the course calendar and Upcoming Events block for scheduled dates and times. 


Last modified: Friday, 3 January 2020, 10:43 AM