Discounts & Group Rates


Friends don't let friends learn alone! 

Grab a friend, colleague or anyone else and take advantage of our instant "TWO-FER" discount! 

This $20 discount is automatically applied when selecting the quantity of 2 on the online Training Registration Form. The "TWO-FER" discount can be applied to either the Facilitator Training course or the Facilitator and Family & Friends Training package.


Are you looking to get a number of individuals in your organization trained? We've got you covered! With our group rates the larger the group, the deeper the discount... which means more savings for you! Group registration bundles are available for purchase (see chart below for quantities and pricing) by completing and submitting the online Group Training Registration Payment FormOnce your payment has been processed, you'll be provided with a promo code to distribute to the individuals of your group to enter when completing their online Training Registration Form


# of Registrations

Regular Price



5 (Save 30%) $495.00 $150.00 $345.00  ($69 each)
10 (Save 40%) $990.00 $400.00 $590.00  ($59 each)
25* (Save 50%) $2,475.00 $1,225.00 $1250.00  ($50 each)

NOTE: The above chart indicates the pricing discount "break points" only and you are not limited to purchasing the specific number of registrations listed. For example, you can purchase 5 - 9 registrations for $69 each, 10 - 24 registrations for $59 each, etc. The group codes issued are good for a year, so they do not need to be used up in a single training session.

*For groups of 10 or more, if interested in onsite trainingclick here for information on our onsite training program.


If you are a non-profit organization and are unable to take advantage of our group rate because of budgetary constraints, being a non-profit organization ourselves, we can fully relate and understand!

Please contact Jim at who will work with you in finding a mutually agreeable arrangement to move forward with your SMART Recovery plans.

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