The difference is not in the training… it’s just in how we do it!

SMART Recovery is unique in the way we support those desiring to abstain from various forms of addictive behavior. The way we train individuals or groups to become SMART Recovery meeting facilitators is also unique. We feel our recovery concepts, tools and meeting facilitation quality play a significant role in helping individuals abstain from their addictive behavior and developing healthy self-management choices for a lifetime.

If you have the need or desire to train 10 or more individuals within your organization, we have tailored a live, onsite training program to meet your needs.

How can Onsite Facilitator Training benefit your organization?Recovery Was, December 2016

  • Highly interactive, including multiple role-plays of practical meeting scenarios
  • Live demonstrations of the tools used in SMART meetings
  • Helpful discussions regarding the content of the SMART Recovery Handbook, Facilitator’s Manual, and training materials
  • Discussions of CBT, REBT, Motivational Interviewing and other SMART Recovery concepts
  • Question & Answer sessions to ensure understanding
  • Training is completed in two days, providing the ability to facilitate a SMART meeting and/or use the SMART tools and techniques with clients immediately following the training

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much does the onsite training cost?

A. The training cost will vary based upon the number of participants, trainer travel costs, etc.  For a Statement of Work (project-specific activities, deliverables, timelines, etc.) and a pricing quote for an onsite training at your location, please submit your information here or contact us by email at 

Q. Do the trainees need to be professionals? 

A. No! Training participants can include professionals, clinicians, peers, family members, or anyone else in the community wishing to start a SMART meeting. You are both welcome and encouraged to invite community members or others in your area to join the training. 

Q. What will we need to provide for the training?

    • A meeting room/facility large enough to comfortably seat all attendees classroom style
    • A projector, screen, and a laptop with PowerPoint
    • Three flip charts on easels
    • A lavalier microphone and sound system (only if the room is large)
    • A 6’ or 8’ table at the front of the room
    • Internet access in the training room is helpful, but not required
To receive a Statement of Work (project-specific activities, deliverables, and timelines) and pricing quote for an onsite training at your location, please complete and submit your information here.

Our Onsite Trainers…


Rod Allwood has 40+ years experience in management, instructional design, technical writing, and strategic planning in both corporate and non-profit environments. His volunteer passions have included being a past Board Member of National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in Lake County, OH, a past Board Member of Beacon Health, and past Chair of Joseph House, an inner-city immigrant housing program. Rod currently volunteers as a SMART Recovery meeting facilitator in Mentor, OH and also serves as one of the Regional Coordinators of the Great Lakes area. 

Feedback received: “Rod was knowledgeable, motivating, and used excellent visuals. Very clear and easy to talk to.”

Hugh Delaney has led more than 400 area meetings guiding participants with SMART’s philosophy. He's presented the SMART Recovery program to health departments, treatment clinics, national conferences, radio programs, colleges, and has represented SMART at SAMSHA’s National Recovery Month planning sessions. He organized the first Family & Friends weekly meeting and has served as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator. Hugh has many years of management experience, business development skills with a strong marketing and operations background.

Feedback received: Hugh’s training was clear and concise. An excellent training!”

Lorie “Hammer” Hammerstrom has been a volunteer for SMART Recovery for many years. She is a past member of the Board of Directors, one of the original members of our "Get SMART FAST" training team, and a long-time advocate and volunteer for SMART Recovery Online. Lorie's served as a 4th and 5th grade teacher for over 20 years, having receiving many awards along the way for her teaching skills and her after school Space Camp program. (She's been selected twice to participate in NASA’s Adult Space Camp Academy.) Lorie is a favorite with her 4th graders and in our onsite training program!

Feedback received: “Lorie is very friendly and personable. She provided positive feedback and encouraged us to ask questions!”

Gayeanne “Sam” Lester shares, “Volunteering as my boys grew up—in both the artistic and athletic fields—was part of my early life and continues today.  I’ve been involved with SMART Recovery for the past 12 years as an online meeting Facilitator, the Online Facilitator Liaison, and as part of the “Get SMART FAST” training program team since 2011. As a team, we follow and guide the trainees through each of the ongoing 8-week online training sessions which wrap up with two live online meetings. I’ve always enjoyed being a part of the SMART Recovery Online community, not only for others but also for my own well-being, as the SMART program and tools changed my life.”

Feedback received: “Very nice and personable. Understanding, helpful and knowledgeable.”


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