Ongoing Training & Support

Upon completion of your training and your registration as a SMART Recovery volunteer, in addition to the continued support available from the Central Office staff and the Training Team there are various other means of ongoing training and support opportunities we make available to our meeting Facilitators and Volunteers.

We've got you covered!

FAST Forward: SMART Meeting Management meetings take place every Monday at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time and every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. If you are interested in furthering your skills in managing your meetings or smoothly handling any challenges you might encounter, these discussion meetings are for you. Discussion topics include difficult and sensitive issues that may arise in meetings, best practices and techniques in using the SMART tools, following meeting guidelines, creating an accepting and non-judgmental meeting environment, and how to "Do SMART Recovery”. It’s also a place to brainstorm ideas and share information and resources.  

FAST Forward: Fresh Start meetings take place on the first and third Monday of every month at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. SMART for Volunteers is a one-hour support meeting exclusively for SMART Facilitators and Volunteers. The purpose of the SMART for Volunteers meetings is to provide a SMART Recovery meeting for our facilitators and volunteers who may or may not have another support system available. It is a time to discuss your own personal issues, challenges and life struggles. All SMART Recovery Facilitators and Volunteers are invited to attend. Who is there, what is said and by whom is STRICTLY confidential. NOTE: Fresh Start meetings are currently on hiatus, as a meeting Facilitator is needed. Meeting day and time is negotiable. If interested, contact

SMARTCAL is a discussion group you can choose to subscribe to when submitting your Volunteer Registration Form. There, you can send one email that will go out to all SMART Volunteers, Facilitators, members of the Board of Directors, etc… everyone that is a part of the SMART Recovery organization who has subscribed to the group.

SMARTTxPro is a discussion group you can choose to subscribe to if you are a certified addiction treatment professional.  Check the box when submitting your Volunteer Registration Form and begin to communicate with other treatment professionals serving SMART Recovery.

Facilitator’s Forum on the SROL Message Board, which has been set up as a means of communication and support for both our existing face-to-face and online meeting Facilitators, as well as the “graduates” of our Training Program. This allows you to continue share your progress in getting your meetings up and running, and provides another venue in which you can get feedback and share thoughts, ideas, concerns, issues or problems encountered, etc. relating to your meetings.

NOTE: The ongoing training and support meetings take place utilizing the online Zoom meeting platform. Notices and access details for the meetings are posted in the SMARTCAL discussion group. The meeting times and dates are also listed in the Calendar of Events

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