Upon submitting your Volunteer Registration Form (VRF), you'll be joining the ranks of our ever-growing world-wide community of SMART Recovery volunteers, embarking on what many find to be a meaningful and personally rewarding journey. Our volunteers are the backbone of the SMART Recovery organization and it's through your efforts that we're able to extend our reach to individuals in your area who may benefit from our program. THANK YOU FOR JOINING OUR TEAM!

IMPORTANT! Please do NOT submit your Volunteer Registration Form until your training is fully completed. If you're registering a new meeting, please do not submit your meeting registration form until ALL your meeting details are finalized and in place.  

Choose from the following options to complete and submit the applicable Volunteer Registration Form. If you're unsure of which form to submit, email us at vrf@smartrecovery.org for assistance. 

  • To register as a SMART Recovery Volunteer WITHOUT starting a meeting CLICK HERE
  • To register as a Facilitator for a new (or existing) face-to-face meeting, CLICK HERE
  • To register as a Treatment Professional using SMART Recovery with your clients and will NOT be facilitating a meeting, CLICK HERE
  • To register as a SMART Recovery Online (SROL) volunteer, CLICK HERE
  • To register as a Meeting Host for a new (or existing) hosted discussion meeting, CLICK HERE

To submit any changes, updates, cancellations, or other information for an EXISTING registered meeting, CLICK HERE

IMPORTANT: The required training MUST be completed prior to submitting your Volunteer Registration Form. Registration forms submitted not meeting this requirement will not be processed until the requirement is met. Incomplete forms will result in processing delays. Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for processing time.

Thank you!

Last modified: Wednesday, 4 March 2020, 9:14 PM