Continuing Education (CE) Certificate Requirements

Continuing Education (CE) Credits

Continuing Education Credits

SMART Recovery USA, Inc. is a NAADAC Approved Education Provider, being NAADAC Provider #86948. SMART Recovery USA, Inc. is responsible for all aspects of the programming. Our training course offerings which have been approved for CE credits are designated as such within the training course descriptions and are further identified with the display of this NAADAC Approved Education Provider logo.

Click here for the current listing of boards and organizations that NAADAC approved CE hours are accepted. 

NOTE: There may be other licensing boards or organizations which are not listed where NAADAC's Continuing Education offerings meet the standards for acceptance. Due diligence should be performed to assure the NAADAC approved CEs will be accepted by your board or licensing authority.

Continuing Education (CE) Certificate Issuance Requirements

In addition to receiving the required passing score for the course, the following requirements need to be fully complied with for the CE certificate to be issued:

  • Successful completion is defined as "Participant has met all criteria as specified by the NAADAC Approved Education Provider to earn continuing education course credit."
  • Hours of approved continuing education are measured as:
    • One (1) hour of education shall be accepted as one (1) continuing education (CE) credit; or
    • One (1) contact hour* of continuing education is equal to one (1) continuing education (CE) credit.
  • Credit for online courses is limited to 8-hours of credit within a 24-hour period of time.
  • Providers may not grant less credits than the number of hours of training. For example, a 25-hour education course cannot give less than 25 hours of credit.
  • Partial credit may be granted at the instructor’s discretion; however, partial credit may ONLY be granted for actual time spent in the training. For an example, if a participant spends 15 hours completing a 25-hour training, he/she may not receive more than 15 CEs. NOTE: SMART Recovery USA, Inc. will NOT provide "partial credit" as described above.
 * While not specifically defined in NAADAC guidelines, the general rule/definition of a "contact hour" is one (1) contact hour equals fifty (50) minutes of actual time.

As a NAADAC Approved Education Provider, SMART Recovery USA, Inc. is responsible to adhere to all NAADAC Approved Education Provider Guidelines, and is subject to audits to ensure that those guidelines are being met.

By our issuance of a CE certificate, we are certifying to NADAAC (and, ultimately, to your licensing board or authority) the number of CE hours on the certificate actually took place. As an example, for the issuance of the 25-hour CE certificate for completion of the GSF 301: SMART Recovery for Professionals training course, we need to maintain documentation which verifies the 25 contact hours occurred when completing the course. 

PRIOR TO SUBMITTING YOUR REQUEST (and payment, if applicable) for a CE certificate to be issued, make sure the "Accumulated training time" activity in the course reflects AT LEAST the total number of hours (less the 10-minute per hour leeway for a "contact hour") for the specified CE hours of the training course. For example, there's approximately a 4-hour leeway in a 25-hour course (25 x 10 = 250 minutes), so the accumulated training time for completing the GSF 301: SMART Recovery for Professionals course needs to indicate at least 21 hours to be eligible for the 25-hour CE certificate to be issued.

NOTE: In instances where the training materials were downloaded for "offline" studying and review, you'll enter and document that time within the "Accumulated training time" activity of the course.
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